MCS AI Gateway 4434S

The MCS AI Gateway 4434S adds local artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence = AI) and sends the optimized data via 4G/LTE to your existing (alarm or IoT) application platform and includes major functionalities:

  • Local Artificial Intelligence (EDGE AI). The AI data algorithm is processed in the Gateway. This prevents high data flows to the cloud. Flexible adjustment will be possible by updating new data in the AI client running in the gateway.

  • Mobile Router Features. This is not just a gateway. It is a high-end industrial router with routing, security, VPN and mobile LTE (dual SIM) functionalities.

  • Easy Configuration and Deployment. (Remote) web server configuration of router and AI functionalities.

  • Remote Management. Firmware and AI client updates can easily be performed 'over the air'. Network diagnostics and other useful tools help you with the rollout.

  • Protocols in & out. Protocols in (to camera, such as .jpg, .mjpeg, rtsp, H264, H265) and protocols out (to application platform, such as REST, MQTT, JSON) are provided and configurable.

Using your MCS AI Gateway 4434S with Edge Impulse

Thanks to work done by Edge Impulse partner Scailable, the MCS AI Gateway 4434S with ICR-V3 (arm v7) or V4 is seamlessly integrated for vision-based model deployments from the Edge Impulse Studio via the Scailable Cloud Platform.

For detailed instructions on setting up your device with the Scailable AI Manager, see these tutorials:

For a end-to-end guide on integrating your Edge Impulse model to the Scailable Cloud Platform, and deploying your Edge Impulse model to your product device, see these tutorials:

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