with Nordic Thingy53 and the Edge Impulse APP


This tutorial is part of the Lifecycle Management with Edge Impulse series. If you haven't read the introduction yet, we recommend doing so here.

We'll guide you through deploying updated machine learning models over-the-air (OTA) to the Nordic Thingy:53 using Edge Impulse. This process leverages the Nordic Thingy:53 app, allowing users to deploy firmware updates and facilitating on-device testing for Lifecycle Management.

Key Features of Nordic Thingy:53 OTA Updates:

  • User-initiated firmware deployment via the Nordic Thingy:53 app.

  • Remote data collection and on-device testing for machine learning models.

  • Seamless integration with Edge Impulse for Lifecycle Management.


  • Edge Impulse Account: Sign up if you don't have one here.

  • Trained Impulse: If you're new, follow one of our end-to-end tutorials

  • Nordic Thingy:53: Have the device ready and charged.

  • Nordic Thingy:53 App: Installed on your smartphone or tablet.


Begin by connecting your Nordic Thingy:53 to the Edge Impulse platform and setting it up for data collection and model deployment.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Setting Up Nordic Thingy:53 with Edge Impulse

  • Connect your Nordic Thingy:53 to the Edge Impulse using the Nordic Thingy:53 app. This will be your interface for managing the device and deploying updates.

2. Collecting Data and Training the Model

  • Use the Nordic Thingy:53 to collect relevant data for your machine learning application.

  • Upload this data to Edge Impulse and train your model.

3. Deploying the Model via the Nordic Thingy:53 App

  • Once your model is trained and ready, use the Nordic Thingy:53 app to deploy it to the device.

  • The app allows you to initiate the OTA update, which downloads and installs the latest firmware containing the new model.

4. Remote On-Device Testing

  • Conduct remote testing through the app to evaluate the model's performance in real-world scenarios.

  • This step is crucial for validating the effectiveness of your machine learning model.

5. Continuous Improvement Cycle

  • Continuously collect new data with the Nordic Thingy:53.

  • Re-train your model on Edge Impulse with this new data.

  • Deploy these updates to the Thingy:53 via the app, maintaining the cycle of Lifecycle Management.


This tutorial provides a straightforward approach to implementing OTA updates and Lifecycle Management on the Nordic Thingy:53 using Edge Impulse. The user-friendly Nordic Thingy:53 app facilitates easy deployment of firmware updates, making it ideal for rapid prototyping and iterative machine learning model development.

Additional Resources

This guide helps users leverage the capabilities of the Nordic Thingy:53 for advanced IoT applications, ensuring devices are always updated with the latest intelligence and improvements.

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